Quickbuild Dollhouse Kit

QuickBuild™ Imagination Dollhouse Kit
24"W x 13 1/2"D x 29 3/4"H - 7 Rooms
Easy to assemble:
  1. Paint the parts
  2. Doweled ‘n Ready™ connections make assembly a snap
  3. Glue, tape and 9 screws are all you need!

Supplies needed for finishing: sandpaper, white glue, Phillips Head screwdriver, masking tape, paint and paint brushes.
– Paint, glue, curtains and any landscaping or furnishings are not included.
– Gingerbread (if used) and Trim Strips are supplied in easy to cut lengths.

Junior Conservatory Addition
11 7/8"W x 11 7/8"D x 13 7/8"H or 11 7/8"W x 11 7/8"D x 14 5/8"H - 1 Room plus Rooftop Balcony

The Junior Conservatory Addition Dollhouse Kit Classic Features Include:

  • Complete Kit includes everything you need to finish as shown
  • Precision Workmanship – engineered parts pre-cut to really work
  • Step-by-step instructions with detailed drawings
  • 10 inch floor to ceiling height
  • 1/4 inch Scored Flooring
  • 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch MDF
  • Alternate dimensions 11 7/8″ W x 11 7/8″ D x 13 7/8″ H
  • Can be built to fit either the right or left side
  • Foundations supplied to adapt to a variety of houses
  • Solid wood windows, door, rails, dowels, newels, edge trim and gingerbread
  • Stucco paint additive included
  • The Junior Conservatory also fits the QuickBuild Classic Colonial and Finished Vermont Farmhouse Jr.
  • This Junior Conservatory is designed to fit all 3-story, rear open, Junior and Lilliput kits
  • Each unit is sold separately
Dollhouse Banister & Landing Rail Pack
Perfect for all 1 inch scale dollhouses that have a 9 inch floor to ceiling height

Do your stairs look bare?  Would you like to dress them up?  This dollhouse Banister and Landing Rail pack is perfect for all 1 inch scale dollhouses that have a 9 inch floor to ceiling height.  This package includes pre-cut banister along with pre-cut railings, dowels and fancy turned newels to complete your staircase as shown. 

Dollhouse Interior Doors with Panel Parts
fit a 3 1/16 inch wide x 7 1/16 inch high x 3/8 inch thick rough opening

Complete the room dividers of your Imagination Dollhouse using these 2 sets of Interior 6-Panel Doors with Extra Panel Parts.  These high quality, assembled interior doors are handcrafted of unfinished solid wood and fit a 3 1/16 inch wide x 7 1/16 inch high x 3/8 inch thick rough opening.  Back trim is included for both doors.

Fluted Interior Door & Window Trim
5 windows and 1 door. 23 pieces.

Complete the interior of your Imagination House dollhouse with these pre-cut fluted interior door and window trims.  You simply install the interior trim around your windows and door to complete the finished look inside your dollhouse, after you finish decorating.  Parts arrive pre-cut, ready for you to paint or stain.  The photo above show the moldings in place and the photo below show the pre-cut parts.   The set includes enough material for 5 windows and 1 door.  23 pieces.

8-Light Dollhouse Window with Shutters
4 1/16 inches wide x 5 1/4 inches high

The 1 inch scale standard 8-Light Dollhouse Window arrives completely assembled and is crafted from unfinished wood.  The actual window measures 4 1/16 inches wide x 5 1/4 inches high and fits an opening of 3/8 inch deep x 2 9/16 inches wide x 5 1/16 inches high.  Acrylic pane and interior is not included.


Dollhouse Flower Box Kit
3 inches wide x 5/8 inch deep x 5/8 inch high

Dress up your Imagination House dollhouse windows as well as many other 1 inch scale dollhouses with this simple flower box kit.  This package includes pre-cut White Pine parts that assemble easily to complete 5 flower boxes as shown.  Each window box measures 3 inches wide x 5/8 inch deep x 5/8 inch high.  Parts arrive unfinished.

Dollhouse Eave Molding & Gingerbread Trim Set
8 pieces per set

Finish the edges of the roof handsomely using these pre-cut solid pine eave moldings.  The pre-cut gingerbread enhances the roof’s eaves.  This works with any 1 inch scale dollhouse with a 41 degree angle.  Trim set arrives unfinished.  8 pieces per set.

Eave Molding & Porch & Eave Jr Gingerbread Trim Set
This set works with a 41 degree angle.

Put the finishing touches on your Imagination House dollhouse using these solid pine moldings that are pre-cut and mitered to finish the edges of your roof.  Pre-cut gingerbread decorates the roof eaves as well as the porch.  Parts arrive unfinished as shown below.  This set works with a 41 degree angle.

Chimney Pack (2 sets)
2 sets per package

Every dollhouse needs a chimney!  These handsome chimneys can be added to your home at any time.  2 sets per package.

Junior Finishing Kit
See description

Our Junior Finishing Kit includes expertly detailed moldings and other pieces necessary to beautifully finish the interior of many of our other kits as well.  For houses with less than a 9 inch floor to ceiling height, the banister walls will need to be cut slightly to fit your staircase.

Included in the Junior Finishing Kit:

  •  24 1/2 feet of MDF Crown Molding (1/2 inch high)
  •  24 feet of MDF Baseboard Molding (1/2 inch high)
  •  28 inches of MDF Attic Baseboard
  •  2 sets of MDF Banister Walls for stairways with newel post (newel post arrives unattached)
  •  2 sets of Stairway Landing Rails (partially assembled)
7/16 Inch Stripwood Pack (16 pcs)
7/16 inch Stripwood, supplied in 23 7/8 inch lengths / 16 pieces per package.

One package of 7/16 inch Stripwood, supplied in 23 7/8 inch lengths, is perfect for customizing your dollhouse.  This can be used for baseboard and back-edge trim as shown on this Imagination House Dollhouse Tutorial.  16 pieces per package.
Baseboard and Back Edge Trim can be completed with one SW16 Pack
Instructions for Baseboards: https://hd-imagination-house.com/Interior/Stripwood1.html
Instructions for Back Edge: https://hd-imagination-house.com/Interior/Stripwood2.html

Wallpaper Pack
Includes (2) 10" x 24" sheets each of 9 original and traditional designs

18 sheets of 1 inch scale dollhouse wallpaper and a step-by-step papering guide makes finishing your dollhouse that much easier. Includes (2) 10″ x 24″ sheets each of 9 original and traditional designs. Finish 9 rooms or more. Normally a $40 value. Wallpaper paste is not included.  Colors may vary.

2 1/2"W x 3 1/4"D x 2 7/8"H

This 1 inch scale Dog House kit is NEW & IMPROVED!  This new kit features laser cut pieces and assembles easily.